is intended to protect businesses from risks related to IT infrastructure and information privacy.

Coverage provided by cyber-insurance policies may include:

  • Data destruction, theft or hacking;

  • Denial of theft attacks;

  • Failure of companies to safeguard data;

  • Losses caused by errors and omissions;

Detailed coverage description:


Claim Scenario examples:

Claim Scenario 1

Loss of Digital Data

Due to incorrect operation, some important data is accidentally lost or corrupted; insurer reimburses corresponding reconstitution costs. 

Claim Scenario 2

Cyber Extortion

Following a cyber-attack, your database has been hacked and hackers demand a ransom payment in order to restore the data; insurer reimburses the money payments.

Claim Scenario 3

Data Theft

Sensitive digital data concerning a client, supplier or third party is hacked and the client, supplier or third party considers that you have not respected your data protection obligations and that you are liable; insurer covers litigation costs, defence costs and indemnity payments.