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Banks and financial institutions

The « Financial Lines » insurance programs in this constantly evolving sector must continuously adaptto change and provide a maximum level of flexibility and adaptability in order to respond to newrequirements and remain in compliance with all relevant standards and regulations.

With our teamof specialists, we will assist you in tailor making insurance programs in line with your activity andyour company's growth.

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Construction, works and real estate

Whether you are a promoter, contractor, engineering firm or a real estate manager, you need to thoroughly understand the complex factors associated with any project, whether technical, logistical, legal, environmental, financial, or even political. We can help you set up a customized insurance policy to provide relevant coverage from the beginning of the project all the way through completion, while taking into account any unforeseen events. We will assist you in getting the most out of your insurance budget.

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Retail Market

This sector is a particularly dynamic one, with fierce competition and exposure to the regulatory constraints of globalization. It is crucial for you to meet and satisfy your clients’ demands and expectations in respect of food safety and product quality in a relentlessly competitive environment
exposed to intense pressure on pricing. Faced with a host of unpredictable strategic, financial, and climate risks, you will be able to take advantage of a high-performance insurance plan to help you
handle any situation.

Trowel and Soil


While performing a vital service for society, the Agri-food sector faces multiple risks and is required to comply with increasingly restrictive and demanding national and international standards and requirements with regards to health, food safety, traceability, and many others. We will provide personalized solutions adapted to your needs so as to cover production losses related to an
unpredictable climate or to handle legal proceedings such as those caused by the sale of contaminated products.

Whatever your business sector may be, our expertise and advice will allow you to enjoy solutions that are customized to the risks related to your specific situation. We will prepare a personalized plan to fully meet your insurance needs under the best possible terms and conditions.

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Transportation and logistics

Are you involved in the logistics and road, rail, sea or air transportation sector and required to handle
numerous risks that could put your company's performance in jeopardy? We will work closely with
you to prepare an insurance policy that is specifically designed and set up for your business activities
and services. Our coverage solutions will also encompass customs, human, environmental, natural, IT, technical and legal risks.

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Event Management

Organizing a concert, a conference, an exhibition, a sport tournament or a music festival requires a detailed analysis of the risks associated with the event in order to ensure its success and financial security. Working in partnership with you, we will handle all of your requests on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the special risks to which you may be exposed. These may include the risk of event cancellation or postponement due to any cause outside the control of the Insured, but also
adverse weather for outdoor events, non-appearance of key persons, threats or acts of terrorism, communicable disease outbreaks, National Mourning or enforced reduced attendance.

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Technology & Telecommunications

The development of new communication technologies such as the internet and cell phones has resulted in new types of risks - breach of intellectual property rights, cyber-crimes, computer viruses, network outages, etc. These factors can have a direct impact on the operations of a company: loss of time, data, reputation or competitiveness. We are here to provide you with adequate analysis and advice and take into consideration all aspects of your exposure in order to optimize the management of your risks and the relevant insurance protection (Cyber insurance policy).

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Public services and local authorities

The public service sector is exposed to many types of risks. We can provide advice and help you make the arrangements to handle these challenges. First, we will carry out an in-depth analysis of your risks and exposure in order to provide you with the most appropriate solutions for protecting citizens and elected officials as well as holdings and intangible assets. We will keep a close eye on your exposure in order to avoid adverse impacts.

Blinding Diamonds


From jewelry and fine watches to haute couture, the luxury industry is characterized by strong growth caused by steadily increasing demand. In this specific sector, facing various and increasingly complex risks caused by the globalization of the market, we provide our expertise with the goal to enable you to confidently take full advantage of your creativity thanks to an exhaustive insurance solution that handles risks related to sub-contracting, counterfeits, damage to the brand image, and others.

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Life Sciences

This cover is designed for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology life science corporations which have a
requirement to test drugs and medical devices. We accordingly provide you with tailor-made insurance solutions including all relevant covers as well as Clinical trials insurance.