Discussing the Numbers

Risk Analysis

The analysis of risk and the assessment of the internal, human and financial capacities of your business is the first step towards a profitable collaboration. We provide you with advice and help you implement a coherent risk management policy, rewarded with a return on investment and tangible earnings. To attain a comprehensive view of risks and to fully understand your company's insurance coverage needs, we foster teamwork that is based on reciprocal knowledge and trust.

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Risk prevention and reduction

Implementing risk prevention measures is a prerogative to the structuring of any insurance program that allows for effectively reducing your company's risk exposure. Our proven technical expertise in markets as well as our extensive knowledge of risks allows us to guide you through this essential process designed mainly to protect assets, maintain productivity and sustain a competitive advantage.

We offer wide spectrum of tailored for companies and individuals


Customized risk management

We pay special attention to the structuring of the insurance programs, i.e. the level of risk retained by the insurer versus the level of risk transferred. The risk retained (the retention) can be fine-tuned through the combination of adequate deductibles, captive insurance solutions and reinsurance markets. Through building up tailor-made combined coverage solutions, we manage to optimize costs in line with the analysis and evaluation of the major risks to which your company could be exposed.


Arrangements for our private clients

Our services are also available for our private clients who wish to protect their income, wealth and assets. We use the most effective, targeted solutions to defend your interests and we will set up, for you and your loved ones, insurance contracts that are customized to your specific needs. All of this will be carried out in complete confidentiality, allowing you to enjoy the benefit of our proven experience and exceptionally favorable terms and conditions.